Renovating Our Warehouse for Our Book Box Business

When I look at my warehouse now, I can hardly remember how BAD this place looked a year ago. Holy Moly! It was terrible.

We went from this:


To this:

warehouse with storage racks installed

(I need to add some new pictures, but I need to tidy up a bit since I've just made a mess photographing flat lay pics of past boxes, and there's still a bit of krinkle cut all over the floor from packing the February boxes. So… more pics coming after I drag the vaccuum out there!)

When I first started dreaming about having a book box, I thought I could probably find room on my property to store the goods and pack the boxes. I wasn't sure exactly where, but I live on a farm. It used to be a working farm where I raised alpacas for fifteen years (crazy, right?), but it's been awhile since we had farm animals living here.

For the past several years, we had an out building that wasn’t being used. It had a finished area and an area that once served as a garage (and also a pen for alpacas). But it's fairly close to the house and I decided it would make a perfect warehouse.

However, since I hadn’t been used building except for fleece storage, I didn’t realize that there was a complete HOLE in the roof. We think this happened during hurricane Sally in 2020. The hole must have started small, but we get a lot of rain here in LA (lower Alabama) and apparently that hole just grew and grew. Until it was massive. We needed a mini swimming pool to catch the rain in, and then we'd have to use a wet vac to get it out of there. Truly, it was a disaster.

It took a while to save up to purchase a new roof, but we finally did and then we had to have the rest of the the damage repaired. We needed new everything – carpet, AC unit, drywall, etc. That was my project for most of 2023 – making the space usable again. And by the time we launched our first box in November, it was ready!

Katy with Cozy Books Corner book boxes

Over time, we've added more storage racks, and I still don't have the desk that I'm hoping to get for out there, but it's been fun watching it all come together. I hope you enjoy seeing how far this space has come, as it feels like a metaphor for what it's been like for me watching my dream of a cozy mystery book box be born. The whole process, from idea to fulfillment is filled with joy and wonder! I've had many jobs in my life, but creating a book box for readers every other month has been one of the most fun and rewarding things I've ever done. I'm so grateful for our customers and hope that they are surprised and delighted by every box they receive!

You can learn more about our cozy mystery subscription book box here.