About Cozy Books Corner Box

Welcome to Cozy Books Corner – Where Cozy Mysteries Come to Life!

Hello, fellow book enthusiasts! My name is Katy Cocking, and I'm not just an author with a decade-long passion for storytelling; I'm also the proud owner of a small publishing company. However, above all else, I am an avid reader. There's something magical about getting lost in the pages of a mystery novel, and my love for books has been a constant in my life.

Having been in the publishing industry since 2015, it was only natural for me to explore new avenues that would allow me to share my passion for books with fellow readers like you. Thus, the idea of Cozy Books Corner, a subscription box for cozy mystery books, was born.


What sets Cozy Books Corner apart is our unwavering commitment to serving the niche of cozy mysteries written by indie authors. We believe in celebrating the talent and creativity of these authors who weave captivating tales within the cozy mystery genre.

Our specially curated cozy mystery book boxes are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a truly immersive reading experience. With a perfect blend of delightful surprises, each box includes not only signed print books but also audiobooks and ebooks, ensuring you can enjoy your cozy mystery in your preferred format.

But we don't stop there! We understand that a cozy reading experience goes beyond just books. That's why our boxes are adorned with puzzles and other carefully selected items, all aimed at enhancing your moments of relaxation and indulgence.

At Cozy Books Corner, we're more than just a subscription box service; we're a community of book lovers, brought together by our shared love for cozy mysteries. Whether you're a seasoned mystery reader or just beginning to explore this captivating genre, our boxes are tailored to meet your reading desires.

Join us on this literary journey as we uncover hidden gems from indie authors and immerse ourselves in the cozy world of mysteries. Let's embark on this adventure together, flipping through pages filled with intrigue, suspense, and heartwarming moments.

Thank you for being a part of Cozy Books Corner. I am genuinely thrilled to share my passion for books with you through each handpicked box. Together, let's create moments of cozy escape and discovery.

Happy Reading!

Katy Cocking
Founder, Cozy Books Corner